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[home] - project homepage
[people] - people associated with this project
[concept] - overarching concept behind SecureId
[scheme] - an overview of SecureId's sceme
[data] - data you might convey using SecureId
[evaluation] - how SecureId helps you evaluate someone's knowledge
[privacy fields] SecureId's levels of privacy
[world creator] - a description of the SecureId world creator interfaces
[context] - defining context in the physical and digital worlds
[knowledge] - how knowledge is used to understand identity
[scenario] - scenario introduction with Gaia
  [profile set-up] - Gaia sets up her initial profile
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  [facet set-up] - Gaia sets up different facets in her world
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  [connecting to others] - Gaia can connect to friends/associates
[overview] - project overview (pdf)
[slides] - power point slides of the major concepts (ppt)
[proposal] - original thesis proposal for this project (pdf)

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