Social Network Fragments- Presentations

[danah boyd][jeff potter]



Social Network Fragments has been presented in various forms throughout its incarnations. As such, what follows is an evolution of presentations about the theory and implementation.

[class paper] Much of the theory for Social Network Fragments was articulated in danah's final paper for Keith Hampton's class on social networks. This portion of the paper conveys some of the early ideas and related theory used in this project's development.

[sunbelt slides] Stemming from the class paper and the first phase of the implementation, Jeff and danah presented these slides at Sunbelt XXII, a conference on social networks.

[express mail] Two portraits were created for an exhibit at New York's Artists Space. This exhibit demonstrates the true notion of a portrait used for self-awareness, allowing the users to use these portrayals to tell a story about their lives and interactions.

[thesis] In danah's thesis, Chapter 7 is dedicated to analyzing and critiquing Social Network Fragments. This chapter is situated in a discussion of self-awareness tools for user empowerment. The entire thesis is relevant, as identity construction and management are the impetus for self-awareness.

[discover article] In Steven Johnson's monthly column for Discover Magazine entitled "Emerging Technology," Social Network Fragments is reviewed alongside InFlow.