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Within SecureId, there are three different types of objects - facets (represented by circles), people (people icon), and information (paper icon).

Facets. When creating a world, an individual is asked to articulate the different facets and how they relate to one another. S/he does this by creating a new facet, placing it on the landscape and expanding it to the appropriate size. If s/he chooses to make two facets partially overlap, the shared space is assumed to indicate areas where the facets overlap and context is shared. If s/he creates a facet within another facet, it is assumed that all members of the internal facet must also be members of the external one. Each facet is given a simple label. By clicking on the label, more information is presented. Here, the user sees the label, a public description, a private note about the facet and whatever evaluation system is needed to determine an individual's membership in that facet. All of these are editable.

Information. Currently represented by little notes, information is created by the individual and placed into the appropriate facet (or in the public world outside of any facets). This information can be any time of data. It too has a label, a public description, private notes and a link to the information at hand.

People. Unlike the facets and information, the people are not placed by the creator. Instead, as individuals access different facets, a simple representation appears in the creator's world. This allows the creator to know who has access to what, a useful bit of knowledge if s/he is adding more information or more facets. When the creator changes the evaluation on the facets, s/he has the ability to remove individuals from the facet. By clicking on a person icon, the creator can get more information about the individual, including whatever is public or available depending on the creator's knowledge of that person. As such, this icon serves as the portal to other people's worlds.

Below is an early mock-up of what the SecureId world view might look like.

In danah's world, she has articulated four different facets - work (orange), friends (green), crew (blue), and family (red). She considers some of her friends to be part of her crew; her crew are a subset of her friends. Some of her work colleagues are also her friends. Her family is entirely separated from the other facets of her life.

Within each facet, she has articulated different bits of information available and people have associated themselves with those facets.

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