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You have a lot of different types of data that you use in the physical and digital world to construct your identity. For SecureId, we have broken this data into three categories: personal data, files/content and contact/access. Personal data refers to the qualitative and quantitative information about you - your profile, your activities, your money, your habits. Files/data refers to the information that you own - your documents, your media, your content. Contact/access refers to the ways in which people can access you, including both the access location (email address, phone number) as well as your availability.

Currently, SecureId is considering the following data types:  

These icons represent a selection of possible data types that an individual might want to use to represent hir identity. Other possibilities might include reputation scores, archived communication logs, social network, movies or digital fashion items. Generically, we assume that an individual could create a generic file and point it to any type of data or information.

In some cases, it might appear as though a data type is too broad (i.e. phone). Shouldn't you want to specify home phone versus cell phone? One might want to just leave an appropriate phone number and then control from there where it goes to.

Regardless, the types of information that one can convey should be broad and extensible, allowing the user to control what represents them, not the system.

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