l o o m 2
w  o  r  k   i  n   p  r  o  g  r  e  s  s
professor judith donath . danah boyd . hyun-yeul lee . dan ramage
w/ support from scott golder . ming-en cho . jonathan goler

Phase 07 - How do groups cluster together?
A further need for exploring how to represent intuitive clustering was needed.

We started to think about a landscape composed of ants.... a pixelated view to generically represent groups and people. The visual approach that was taken here was representing shapes in two dimensions which avoided the idea of overlapping of information.

If you look at the animation, the use of motion, speed of appearance and different hues in one colour family helps one to understand the personality of that newsgroup.

Again, in this exploration it became apparent that abstractly formed clusters were more interesting than clusters found in specific orientations in a grid-like structure.