l o o m 2
w  o  r  k   i  n   p  r  o  g  r  e  s  s
professor judith donath . danah boyd . hyun-yeul lee . dan ramage
w/ support from scott golder . ming-en cho . jonathan goler . ethan perry

The following java programs have been written in order try dynamic sketches of some of our ideas. They are all at different levels of detail, but are mainly intended to give a sense of a concept.

    Fall demo - traditional visualization style (October 2000)    
  Boxes - Netscan work (December 2000)
    Letter bouncing over the screen (January 2001)
Fountain of letters (January 2001)
  Text that follows cursors (January 2001)
Rotating & bouncing text (January 2001)
Skeleton - warped movement of the 'f' (January-February 2001)
KineticType toolkit (January-February 2001)
FlowApp - sin wave of movement (February 2001)
Chug (Linear) - more in depth dealings with letter movement (March 2001)
Chug (Circular) - Chug based on a circular geometry (March 2001)
Spring Demo - Exploring clustering with live data (May 2001)
Color maps - Translating group data into color (October 2002)