SecureId :: scheme

SecureId is intended to be a simple program that you can run to organize your identity online by giving you control over the types of information you have and who can access them. Additionally, it serves as a mirror by providing you with a graphical sense of what you are conveying in different contexts.

Managing digital context is not a simple task. Since site location is not a good substitute, you need to manage this information more closely. You must determine how you would act differently to different people, what you would share. Using SecureId, you will define your different contexts by creating a physical representation where information can be stored and access can be defined.

For secure access, SecureId uses a knowledge system. Since information is associated with different contexts, you need to define what is necessary to gain access to those contexts. Rather than listing who can gain access, you simply say what they must know. Depending on the type of context, you can imagine different levels of accessibility. For example, your friends change; it would be a hassle to have to list them every time that you wanted them to have access to something of yours. Instead, you might be able to assume that anyone who knows who your favorite musician can be assumed to be one of your friends.

This tool is purposely extensible. You determine what types of data you want to convey to which contexts. You determine what level of evaluation is necessary for the security you desire. Just as you can manipulate the contexts necessary for people to

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