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Signs Instant Messanger
An new Instant Messanger design that aims to augment communication by providing structural and gestural features to correct mistakes, clarify misunderstandings, and expand the expressive power of Instant Messaging.

A visual microblogging service that makes it possible for people to use statistical graphs for expressive social communication.

We are designing new forms of situated displays and interfaces embedded in public spaces. Our current focus is on interfaces that can function as social sensors, capturing the dynamics of people in different locations.

The Projects
The Projects is a modular social architecture for Second Life. Participants can occupy and customize 'pods' and arrange them in a spatial grid structure. Social utilities support navigation, communication and awareness.

  the projects
Medina is a social-networking site based around the idea of exchanging knowledge. The project explores new interfaces for visualizing connections between people and ideas.

Comment Flow
Comment flow is flexible tool for the content driven exploration and the activity based visualization of a social network. Our system shows conversations and exchange of messages between multiple profile pages aswell as its temporal evolution.

Information Spaces and Avatars in Second Life
We are interested in moving away from literal representations of tools, spaces, and people to take better advantage of mediated graphical environments. We present two examples: an avatar that grows towards other avatars over time and a reconfigurable meeting space that makes the meeting space more meaningful.

  info avatars and spaces
Cheiro is a chat space offering a novel form gesture-enhanced textual communication over the computer-mediated environment. It provides an intuitive interface for turning the form of text into an expressive visual medium; it is an experimental arena for exploring the relationships between gestures, emotions, and visuals.

Open Sources
Open Sources is a visualization that looks at the relationship between code and communication in open source communities. It uses freely available data from mailing lists and CVS archives to give insite towards the hidden interactions of a community.

RadioActive is a forum for large-scale mobile-based asynchronous audio discussions. It allows participants to engage in persistent discussions on a number of different topics, as well as on time-shifted media.

Seascape and volcano
This project proposes two interfaces using motion as the main visual element to depict online discussion groups.

Urbanhermes is an augmented messenger bag that incorporates the fluid cycles of electronic fashion into a physical personal accessory. With dynamic, ephemeral images as the communicative visual language, urbanhermes enables meaningful displays for idea-based, rather than material-based, fashion signals.

Data Portraits
This series of sketches is an initial foray looking at how we can create insightful portraits of people using data about them. In these sketches we visualize information patterns created during mobile conversations. These portraits map the history of social relations over time, telling us more on how we can abstract a sense of visual memory from the rhythms of everyday data that we produce through our use of sociable media.

Mountain visualizes a person's email archive in terms of all the people with whom this person has been in touch over the years. The piece is a commentary on the continuous accumulation of email contacts over time and the large numbers of people we are in touch with over email.

Webbed Footnotes
A collaborative system for annotating web documents, Webbed Footnotes turns each webpage into a potential location for conversation and discussion. With Webbed Footnotes, many users can annotate a webpage, while the pages' own content remains comparatively legible.

PokerFaces is an experimental online poker platform that empowers users in self-expression through nonverbal signals. Bluffs, tells, and other kinds of poker game deception become possible online when users can observe -- and must interpret -- the behavior of their opponents.

Artifacts of the presence era
In this project, the images and sounds produced in the ICA gallery in Boston were captured and then visualized as a growing, organic landscape that served as a historical record. Each layer in the visualization encapsulated the events that took place in the gallery over a period of five minutes. The piece functioned as a souvenir of a particular time and place.

Online personals .

Audio/video linked public spaces


PostHistory is a visualization of email activity patterns over time. The visualization depicts a user's email activity on a day-to-day basis, focusing on questions such as: When does a new person appear in your email history? When does a person fade out of your email history? What is the frequency of contact with people and how does this frequency change over time?


Social network fragments




Chit chat club

Chat circles
Chat Circles is an abstract graphical interface for synchronous conversation. Color and form are used to convey social presence and activity, and proximity-based filtering is used to intuitively break large groups into conversational clusters. A graphical chat log makes it easier to go back to past moments in conversations. Action traces show where participants have been and the places where they have spoken.

Visual who

Talking in circles
Curly cart
Hear and there
Virtual fashion
Live web