Faceted Id/entity:
Managing representation in a digital world

danah boyd
MIT Media Lab
Master's Thesis

Thesis document [pdf]
- Abstract
- Introduction
- Negotiating Identity in Social Interactions
- Reconsidering Social Interaction for the Digital Realm
- Self-Awareness in Social Interactions
- Digital Identity Management
- Example Applications
- Social Network Fragments: A Self-Awareness Application
- SecureId: An Identity Management Application
- Conclusion
- Bibliography

Related Projects
- Social Network Fragments
- SecureId

About the author


In addition to the theoretical component of this research, two projects were created and analyzed so as to better understand the issues of self-awareness and identity management. While the projects are discussed within this thesis, they are also more fully explained on websites dedicated solely to those projects. In order to learn more, please visit the websites for:

Social Network Fragments