Faceted Id/entity:
Managing representation in a digital world

danah boyd
MIT Media Lab
Master's Thesis

Thesis document [pdf]
- Abstract
- Introduction
- Negotiating Identity in Social Interactions
- Reconsidering Social Interaction for the Digital Realm
- Self-Awareness in Social Interactions
- Digital Identity Management
- Example Applications
- Social Network Fragments: A Self-Awareness Application
- SecureId: An Identity Management Application
- Conclusion
- Bibliography

Related Projects
- Social Network Fragments
- SecureId

About the author


About danah boyd

This thesis is the product of danah boyd's research while a member of the Sociable Media Group at MIT's Media Laboratory. In addition to this document, danah has worked on the following while at SMG:

Prior to coming to MIT, danah received an A.B. with Honors in Computer Science at Brown University. Under the supervision of Andy van Dam and Leslie Welch, danah completed an honors thesis entitled "Depth Cues in Virtual Reality and Real World: Understanding Differences in Depth Perception by Studying Shape-from-shading and Motion Parallax."

Perpetually involved in activist endeavors, danah has chosen to temporarily leave academia to work more closely with V-Day, helping them build a worldwide community of organizers working to end violence against women. She intends to return to academia when the timing is right. In the meantime, she is always motivated to empower users through technology using whatever means possible. If you would like to contact danah, feel free to email her.