"Connections", MIT Museum, Cambridge, MA, Feb-Aug 2009
"Telematic Sculptures for Mediated Communication", ISEA 2006. San Jose, CA, Aug 6-11, 2006
"Pasts and Presents", ISEA 2006. San Jose, CA, Aug 6-11, 2006
Institute for Contemporary Art, Boston, Massachusetts, Jan 22-April 27, 2003
Exhibited Artifacts of the Presence Era
Infotecture at Artists Space Gallery, New York, NY, May 31-July 13, 2002
Exhibited Express Mail, a trio of Sociable Media email visualization projects
Id/Entity: Portraits for the 21st Century. MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA, October 2-31, 2001; The Kitchen, NYC, December 1, 2002 - January 15, 2002.
Directed this exhibit of collaboratively produced artworks
SIGGRAPH 2000: Points of Departure, New Orleans, LA, July 2000.
Exhibited LaserWho, a collaborative project of the Sociable Media and Responsive Environments research groups.
SIGGRAPH 99: The Millenium Motel, Los Angeles, CA, August 1999.
Exhibited Visiphone, with Fernanda Viegas, Karrie Karahalios and other Sociable Media students.
The Bridge: SIGGRAPH 96 Art Show, New Orleans, Louisiana, August 1996
Exhibited Legal Tender, with Ken Goldberg, Eric Paulos, Mark Pauline and John Canny.
The Ada Show at Artemesia Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, March 1996
Exhibited the Amanda project. Spoke on a panel about women, art and technology.


Selected Interviews & Press

WGBH-TV, Nov 17, 2010
Facebook Messages with Hal Abelson, Steve Safran, hosted by Emily Rooney
Marketplace Public Radio, Nov 10, 2010
"Is Facebook a water cooler or a public blog"
Marketplace Public Radio, Oct 13, 2010
on facebook "group" feature
Fox news, Oct 18, 2010
The Hacker Culture
The Brooklyn Rail, June 2008
An Instant Message. An interview about the dynamics of online interaction
Thoughtcast, May 2008
More neologisms from the world of the web
Freakonomics Quorum, NYTimes, Feb15, 2008
Is MySpace Good for Society?
Nitebeat, CN8 TV, May 24, 2006
"MySpace Mania": Interview about the advantages and dangers of social networking sites
The Infinite Mind, August 10, 2005
Online Community
The Current, CBC radio, May 19, 2005
Interview about the ethics of telerobotic Internet Hunting,
The Buzz with Richard Aedy, Radio National A BC Australia, April 7, 2003
Looking at Email Archives
Odyssey, Public Radio, Jan 23, 2002
Interview about "Network Culture"
The Connection, National Public Radio interview, November 14, 2000
Interview about Tele-identity
CBC Radio. Winnipeg, Ontario, June 1998
Interview about privacy and public life online. (hear it here)
more news....

Past Talks


"Visible walls: Designs for privacy and public space online", Closing keynote, New Media Days, Nov 10, 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark.
"Signaling online: The economics of honesty in the mediated world", Information Science Colloquium, Oct 27, 2010. Cornell University.
"Signals in Social Supernets", IEL, Harvard, August 3, 2010
"Data Portraits", SIGGRAPH art paper. July 27, 2010. Los Angeles, CA
"Data Portraits", University of Linz, July 13, 2010
"Signaling online", European Science Days, July 11-15. Steyr, Austria.
"The economics of honesty: Human signaling, from fashion to Facebook ", Microsoft, June 23, 2010, Cambridge, MA
"Data Bodies / Data Portraits", Boston CHI, June 8, 2010. Waltham, MA.
"The Future of Books", on exhibit at Berkeley Center for New Media. Opening and talk, Monday April 19, 2010. Berkeley, CA
"Interiority", @ Inside/Out: Exploring Gender and Space in Life, Culture, and Art , Friday April 16, 2010. Radcliffe Institute, Cambridge, MA.
The state of the forum, panel at The Future of the Forum, University of California, Berkeley, Dec 5, 2009
Human signaling: Competition and cooperation in everyday communication. Berkman Cooperation Seminar, Nov 22, 2009
Far from frivolous: Fashion in the networked community. Summit Conference, MIT, Cambridge, MA. Oct 2, 2009
Information fashion, data and identity. Pew Research Center, Washington, DC. June 29, 2009
Signals Truth and Design, IPFL Summer Research Institute, Lausanne, Switzerland. June 22, 2009
Cognitive Evolution and Revolution, panel at Politics Online, Washington, DC. April 20, 2009
Panel on Making Connections MIT Museum. Mar 12, 2009
Panel on privacy at SWSW, March 14, 2009
A full write-up and pictures from the panel.
Panel on Data Portraits MIT Museum. Apr 7, 2009
Chais Conference on Instructional Technology, Keynote, Feb 18, 2009
Evolutionary psychology seminar series, ""Hyperfashion and Supernets: Social Signals in the Online World", Oxford University, January 13, 2009
"Far from frivolous: Fashion as a risky signal of social information access" The Meaning of Consumption conference, Cornell University, Aug 15, 2008
"What is Real? Signals of Truth and Identity in Fashion, Networks & Faces, Collaborative Technologies and Systems, Keynote, May 20, 2008
"Virtual Design and Trustworthy Signals", Stanford Law School, Center for Internet and Society Speaker Series, Feb 11, 2008
"The social life of machines", Symposium honoring Don Norman. The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PA, Apr 27, 2006
"Socially Augmented Humans". Museum of Science, Boston, MA, May 1, 2006
"Social Signaling", Gruter/Berkman Digital Institutions Conference. Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA, May 3, 2006
"Social Agents for Self-presentation", Social Computing Symposium. Microsoft, Seattle, WA, May 8, 2006
"Reputation and Honest Signaling", Conference on Identity. Berkman Center, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA, June 19, 2006.
Wikimania, Cambridge, MA, August 2006
Berkeley School of Information Distinguished Lecture Series, Sept 27, 2006
Rhode Island School of Design, Digital+Media Lectures Series
Dualism, Binghamton, NY, Nov 3-4
Portable Interface Design, Keynote Talk, Orlando FL, March 25-29, 2
Communities and Technology conference, Plenary talk, East Lansing, Michigan, June 28-30.
[2004, 2005 still to be filled in]
Dynamic Maps, HUMlab, Umea, Sweden, Sept 17-18, 2003
Social Visualization
MIT, Initiative on Technology and Self, Evocative Lunch Series
Virtual Travel: 1964 Ford Falcom
Berkeley Intel Labs, January 2003
Stanford HCI, January 2003
Sociable media for real and virtual spaces
Beall Center, January 2003
Harvard Law School, Berkman Center Colloquium
Mediated Faces
Pop!Tech, Camden, Maine, October 2002
Mediated Identity
Living Surfaces, Cambridge, MA May 2002
Intuitive visualization
Rutgers Symposium on Self and Identity
Harvard University, Graduate School of Design, September, 2000
Designing Sociable Media
Cognitive Technology 2001, University of Warwick, UK, August, 2001
Keynote talk on Mediated Faces
Art Center College of Design, June, 2000.
Designing Sociable Media
UCLA, Department of Design and Media Arts , June, 2000.
Designing Sociable Media
Opera Totale, Venice, Italy, November 1999.
Visual Who (plus live demo)
Yale University, Digital Media Center for the Arts, October 1999.
Designing Sociable Media
Women in Technology International, Boston, MA. September 1999.
Designing Sociable Media
AT&T Research, Florham Park, NJ. July 1999.
Visualizing Conversations
Cambridge Arts Council, Cambridge, MA. May 1999.
Panel on The Next Refugee
University of California, Berkeley, Human Centered Computing Seminar. April, 1999.
Visualizing Conversations
University of Michigan, CREW seminar. March, 1999
Sociable Media research
Microsoft Research. Seattle, Washington. November 1998
Sociable Media research
CSCW '98. Seattle, Washington. November 1998
Panel on whether the Internet reduces sociability.
Dentsu. Tokyo, Japan. October 1998
Research talk about Sociable Media group
Wearables 2010. Bunka Fashion College. Tokyo, Japan. October 1998
Keynote address on "Wearable Modes".
American Political Science Association. Boston, MA. September 1998
Panel on Virtual Communities
Sonera. Helsinki, Finland, June 1998
TeleAcademy lecture at the Kiasma about Tele-Identity
Research talk about Sociable Media group
Lotus Research. Cambridge, MA, January 1998.
Spoke about the new Sociable Media Group.
Women, Work, and Computerization. Bonn, Germany, May 1997.
Spoke about identity and design.
CSCW 96. Cambridge, Massachusetts, November 1996.
Spoke on a panel about avatars.
Doors of Perception 4 (Speed), Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 1996
Gave a talk about the velocity of fashion, real and virtual ("witty", said Scientific American).
Ciber@RT'96, Valencia, Spain, November 1996
Spoke about virtual identity & identity deception
ISEA 96, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, October 1996
Gave a workshop on website design (with Victoria Vesna and Nik Williams).
DEAF 96, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, October 1996
Spoke, with Ken Goldberg and Eric Paulos, about Legal Tender. The website was exhibited.
Stanford Seminar on People, Computers, and Design. Stanford, CA. November 1995..
Spoke about identity in virtual communities.
Multimedia'95, San Francisco, CA, November 1995
Gave a talk about Visual Who
Workshop on WWW and Collaboration Cambridge, MA, September 11-12, 1995
Talk - with Niel Robertson - about Sociable Web
Index Vanguard Geneva, Switzerland, June 1995
Spoke about on-line identity
WWW Fall '94, Chicago, Illinois, October 1994.
Gave a talk about The Sociable Web
4 Cyberconf, Banff, Canada, May, 1994
Gave a talk on identity and deception in cyberspace.


Interactive Media Design Award 2000
Looked at hundreds of interactive sites and things for ID magazine's annual competition.
DNP Award '96, Autumn, 1996
Was one of the jurors for this on-line art exhibit and prize.
Intelligent information interfaces (i³)
Judged proposals submitted for the European Commission's Esprit Long-term Research awards.