MAS 965: Social Visualization history & change

Professor Judith Donath


visualiizations of history

Time unfolds in a series of rhythms: there are days and nights, the seasons, the year. Most days we sleep, eat breakfast, make use of some kind of transportation, go in and out of a door. Time is marked by events and anomalies: there are freak snowstorms, graduation days, the Tuesday a.m. you overslept, the myriad events that make each day, each hour, a little different than all others. Time progresses. You get older, the mountains get older, the bread on the counter gets older. A tree grows, a species evolves.

As we think of how to depict time and the accumulation of history think about what aspects are repeated cycles, which from a progression or accumulation, and which depict discrete events. Particularly interesting from a visualization standpoint events that trigger a change in the normal cycles and progressions. You live in an apartment for 4 years, a progressive accumulation of time there. While there, you have a particular routine shaped by your family, work, hobbies, commute, etc. An event that precipitates a move ends the apartment living accumulator adn it may significatntly shift the daily rhythms.

essays and sketches

This assignment is due Monday. Please submit your work online. If you have any problems with doing so, send email to Fernanda Viegas