MAS 965: Social Visualization final projects

Professor Judith Donath

papers and presentations

Your final project consists of a project, a paper and a presentation. Your paper, which should be in the 5-10 page range should clearly explain what problem your project is addressing, how you have approached it, and why this is a promising approach. You should include references to previous work that relates to it - whether by addressing similar problems or by being a related design. You should have a clear functional description of how your project would look and be used, if it were to be fully implemented. Your paper should be amply illustratred with your designs. Some of you may chooose to have a separate visual or interactive presentation of your work (the project) while others may incorporate the visual materials into the paper presentation. (Please keep the paper to 5-10 pages of text - if your paper is very heavily illustrated, it may be much much longer in actual pages).

The class presentation should cover the same material, in a presentation mode. You will each have 20 minutes to present.

This assignment is due Tuesday Dec 7. Please submit your work online. If you have any problems with doing so, send email to Fernanda Viegas