MAS 961 · Designing Sociable Media
Instructor: Judith Donath

5.09 · public space


assignment   · essays here

1. Please read the papers.

2. Go to a public space and observe the people and the space. How do people negotiate around each other? How do they communicate with each other? How does the space communicate with the people in it? What signs of past presence do you see? What communication technologies do you see and how are they used?

3. Think about new communication technologies. Do you see a need for them in this environment? (Or changes to existing ones) What would be interesting to have available? How would such a thing change the dynamics of the space? What about the types of devices discussed by Rozier et al or Rekimoto et al?

3. Write up your observations and ideas.

Please submit the URL of your essay by Monday evening. Copies of the readings are available outside of E15-449.