MAS 965 · Signalling identity
Instructor: Judith Donath

05.06 · hiding and expressing emotion


General articles about signaling and emotion:

Articles about faces and emotion:

Article about voice and emotion:

Article about computer sensing of emotion:


Emotion, and the signals of emotion, is a complex topic.


1. Read the introduction, above. These are the big questions I would like you to be thinking about as you do the readings for this week.

2. The face communicates emotion. Is this communication intentional or involuntary? What is the benefit of this signaling to the sender and to the receiver? Is it a reliable signal of emotional state?  Please read the Ekman and Fridlund papers, which posit two quite different views on these questions. Write an essay in which you first summarize the views of these two authors, and then address these questions based on your reading of these 2 papers as well as any of the other readings. (Hauser, for example, proposes a view that unifies some of the differenes based on differnt levels of analysis).

3. Write another essay addressing the questions raised in the introduction. Please base your essay on the readings above. You do not need to read all of them in depth, but do use them as a basis for your discussion.

Please submit the URL of your essays by Tuesday evening.