Store Echo Story
Judith Donath
Oct 2013

was a major exhibit at the MIT Museum of new and past work by the Sociable Media Group, including the large-scale interactive and immersive installation Metropath(ologies) and a series of Data Portraits.
Feb-Aug 2009.
LISTEN: CBC radio interview about Metropath(ologies)
WATCH: Video about Metropath(ologies)
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Sociable Media Group (Judith Donath, Alex Dragulescu, Yannick Assogba, Aaron Zinman)
was also exhibited in the show Virtual Identities at the Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, Italy
May 20-July 17, 2011

The Future of the Book
w/ Martin Wattenberg and Gilad Lotan
Boston Book Festival
October 2010

w/ Gilad Lotan
Berkeley Center for New Media
April 19-August, 2011

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