SecureId :: connecting to others

[scenario introduction]

Connecting to others. In Gaia's system, she is able to see some of her friends immediately. Some are instantly placed in her world, shown because of their automatic matching. Likewise, she is automatically placed into some of their worlds based on the information that she has contributed. When she clicks on an individual in her world, information about them comes up, including a button where she can access information about them. In that state, she sees the world that they have laid out for her and the appropriate context. These contexts (facets) have the public labels that her associates have set out for her. She is also able to see the labels of the public facets that she does not have access to. If she believes that she should have access to one of these, Gaia clicks on that facet and is prompted with questions for more information. In this way, she must answer the questions that her associates have prepared. If the facet is multi-layered, she may be prompted to answer my questions to get into the inner circle of information.


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