MAS 963 The Virtual Society
03.28 Final Project/Paper Proposals

Final project/papers should cover some topic from the class syllabus in depth. You may take one of the assignments and extend it (e.g. an indepth survey, analysis and comparison of graphical chat interfaces) or you may write a detailed proposal and mock-up for a project that would address some of the interface issues we discuss.

Final project/paper proposals will be discussed in class on Tuesday. Please see me if you are unable to attend this class session to discuss your project. The final version of the paper will be HTML and you are welcome to incorporate links, programs, etc. and to push the notion of what is a "paper" today.

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The proposal should include an abstract, a problem statement, a description of method and a preliminary bibliography. It should also include materials for a brief (7-8 minute) presentation of you proposal.

Please submit the URL of your proposal and presentation online by Sunday evening.