MAS963 The Virtual Society
05.02 Augmented people and spaces

Computers are evolving from the traditional keyboard-screen-and-mouse machine. Displays may be immense projections or tiny single-viewer lenses. Input may come from a variety of sensors that detect presence, motion, proximity, temperature change, blood pressure, etc. Most interestingly, the machines themselves are being integrated into the environment -- they are becoming a part of one's clothes and one's home.

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1. Please read and be prepared to discuss at least 4 of the papers.

2. Think about how the described technologies may transform everyday experience. For example, how might affective wearables change the experience of walking down a street or sitting in a cafe? What are the social implications of these changes? How might augmented reality technologies change the home? the streetscape? How might they be used for interpersonal communication?

3. Although you do not have a written assignment this week (since you are hard at work on your final project) please send me a note by Monday letting me know which papers you have read. Of course, if you would like to write some ideas and observations about this topic you are quite welcome to submit the URL of your comments online.