MAS 963 The Social Data in Conversations


Donath, Judith; Karahalios, Karrie; and Viegas, Fernanda. 1999. Visualizing conversations. In Proceedings of HICSS-32 January 5-8, 1999, Maui, Hawaii. (or in .pdf)

Goffman, Erving. 1981. Footing. In Forms of Talk.

Saville-Troike, Muriel. 1982. The Ethnography of Communication. 2nd Edition. New York, NY: Basil Blackwell.
chapter 2

Whittaker, S., Terveen, L., Hill, W., and Cherny, L. 1998. The dynamics of mass communication. In The Proceedings of CSCW '98.


1. Write a short (2 - 4 page) analysis of the interactions in a newsgroup. Some of the questions you should think about include: Tie your analysis in with the readings. Is there a notion of footing? What are the backchannels in these conversations?

2. What does this conversation "looks" like? Illustrate your analysis with sketches of its structure, of the participants, etc.

This assignment is due Tuesday Sept 14 Please submit your work online. If you have any problems with doing so, send email to Dana Spiegel