MAS 963 Portrait project

Design assignment:

As you work on your portrait projects here are some things to keep in mind:

For what is the context your portrait is designed? Is it a projection of what the home page self-portrait can be? A representation meant to be used in the context of an online discussion? A data-portrait (e.g. LifeLines)? An artistic rendering?

How is the portrait made - who is the "artist"? Is it a self-portrait? Is it made by another individual - or a collective? Is it created algorithmically or by hand? Does it change through its interactions with others?

How does it represent the history of the person? Is it a literal representation, as in a time line or a more abstracted one, as one might argue the face itself is?

What makes it a portrait?

This assignment is due online by Tuesday at 5pm. Remember - class is on Wednesday at 3:30 this week only!