MAS 963 Final project proposals


The final project will consist of a project and a paper. Our projects thus far have been sketches, working quickly through a wide range of problems. Now is your chance to explore a design in depth. We will discuss project formats and goals on an individual basis: most of you will be expected to implement a working prototype of your project, a few will do an extensive set of designs and plans.

You will document your project in the form of a CHI late-breaking results paper. Here are a couple of examples of such papers from previous conferences to give you an idea of the style:

For your proposal: You should describe your project fully, including what it will look like, what data it is showing, why it is an interesting problem to solve. Include a full set of references. Describe how you will approach implementing the project.

Your proposal is due online by Tuesday Nov. 30 at 5pm. You have plenty of time - please have these in on time so I (and you) can review them before class.