MAS.962 Week 2 02.10.98

The Virtual Society: Identity, Interaction and Interface Design
Conversational interfaces and social interaction

Reading Assignment:
Cherny, chapter 5
Holland and Skinner
Saville-Troike, chapters 2 and 5
Sproull and Kiesler, chapter 4
Please read all of these papers and send me a 1-2 page critique of one of them by Monday afternoon. Your critique will be posted on this site.
Fernanda Viegas (Saville-Troike)
Luke Weisman (Holland & Skinner
Kimiko Ryokai (Holland & Skinner)
Karrie Karahalios (Holland & Skinner)
Julia Burch (Holland & Skinner)
Hannes Vilhjalmsson (Sproull and Kiesler)
Adam Holt (Sproull & Kiesler)
Adriana Vivacqua (Sproull & Kiesler)
Stefan Marti (Sproull & Kiesler)
Marina Umaschi Bers (Sproull & Kiesler)
Ingeborg Endter (Cherney)