MAS 961  ·  Designing Sociable Media  ·  Spring 2008

Proposals for final project

    Your final project for the class should build on one of the assignments given during the semester. You can take one of the design sketches you or another student did as a starting point, or prepare a new take on a related problem

The final should take the work beyond what we did for a weekly assignment. Some will be quite conceptual: for these, you should be able to argue why this design would provoke thought and reflection, as well as detailing how it would be designed and why you made those creative choices. Others will be more practical: for these, you should be prepare to explain how the work would be implemented and why it would be used.

Some of you are intersted in doing final projects that relate closely to your research or thesis work. If you choose to do this a) make it clear that that is the case; b) use the final project as an opportunity to create a series of alterntive design explorations for your larger project; and c) do not just present your ongoing research as your final - you should clearly articulate the how this work fits into the readigns and other material for this class.


    For this week, you are making a proposal for the final project. It will give us a brief time in class to critique your plan. The proposal can be relatively informal: sketches, ideas etc. Please write a one to two page proposal with additional sketches stating what you plan do to as your final, what problem/question is it addressing, and a preliminay set of previous work in that area.

Be prepared to talk for about 7 minutes or slightly less - the rest of your time slot we will use to discuss the work.

Please link your work by midday on Monday April 28.