MAS 963    Designing Sociable Media    Spring 2007

02.22 mental maps



George Lakoff, Mark Johnson    excerpt  from: Metaphors we live by   Chicago :   University of Chicago Press,   1980.
Kevin Lynch    chapter 3 and appendix A from: The image of the city  Cambridge, Mass. :   M.I.T. Press,   1964.
Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown , Steven Izenour    Las Vegas as a communication system from: Learning from Las Vegas : the forgotten symbolism of architectural form  Cambridge, Mass. :   MIT Press,   c1977
optional: Guy Debrod    (1956) Theory of the derive (see Theory of the dérive and other situationist writings on the city / Libero Andreotti, Xavier Costa, eds.    Barcelona :   Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona,   1996.)

optional: Henri Poincaré

  (1897) (from Science & Method) The Relativity of Space
optional: John O'Keefe and Lynn Nadel    chapters 1,2 from: The hippocampus as a cognitive map, Oxford :   Clarendon Press ;   New York :   Oxford University Press,   1978.


  1. map your day

    • create a map of a typical workday and a typical holiday.
      show your routine paths and describe your experience traversing them

    • show places that are important for you

    • which parts of the map are characterized by movement, which by rest?

    • how do you experience distance, what properties are important? develop a scheme for structuring your map
  2. Please link your work by Tuesday 2.20.